Quote of the Day: Willie Nelson Cancels SeaWorld Concert

“I am thrilled that yet another world-famous, socially conscious artist has chosen to cancel his SeaWorld performance,” said Samantha Berg, a former SeaWorld trainer and a leading figure in both Blackfish and Death at SeaWorld. “Mr. Nelson’s decision sends a powerful message that the exploitation of whales and dolphins for human entertainment is unacceptable and that it’s time for SeaWorld and other marine parks and aquariums to do the right thing and end the shows. Thank you Willie Nelson and Barenaked Ladies for standing up for what is right!”

See more at: http://deathatseaworld.com/?p=931#sthash.9EOiWrG9.dpuf


The Barenaked Ladies recently announced that they were no longer going to perform at SeaWorld after they watched the documentary film, Blackfish. I’m hoping Willie canceled his performance not simply because of “scheduling conflicts,” but because he doesn’t want to support SeaWorld’s exploitation of nonhuman animals. In the past month, online activists have been tweeting, posting, and pressuring the musical artist to cancel.  Over 9,000 people signed the petition urging Willie to cancel his performance. Great job, everyone!

There are still many more artists scheduled to perform at SeaWorld. Please join us in urging those artists to cancel their performances and support of SeaWorld. 

FYI: If you live in New York, David Kirby, author of Death at SeaWorld, is going to be at the Queens Central Library this Saturday, December 7 at 2 PM for a free talk. He’ll also be signing books. I’ll be there!

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