Quote of the Day: “Melissa Bachman: Mild by Comparison”

For how would we plausibly argue that it is immoral to kill a lion, while simultaneously believing that it is not immoral to use and visit great suffering and hardship upon other nonhuman animals? Bacon, steak, eggs, lamb, veal. If it is wrong to kill a lion for pleasure, then it is wrong to kill a cat, pig, dog, cow, or any other sentient being merely to derive pleasure from ingesting its flesh. At any rate, death from Melissa Bachman’s bullet is inestimably more humane than death at an industrial slaughterhouse.  

Melissa Bachman: Mild by Comparison

Michael Glover wrote this thought-provoking article highlighting the hypocrisy of people who have denounced the actions of Bachman and yet are continuing to consume animals. To be enraged that a lion has been “murdered,” and yet continue to be complicit in the Holocaust of “food animals,” is problematic – and speciesist. As Glover points out, there is no moral difference between a lion and a pig, for example. Please reflect on this; at one time, I, too, was speciesist, but thinking and talking about these sorts of inconsistencies was helpful in seeing that I was wrong.

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