Photo of the Day: Male Meat Culture, as Seen in GQ

The absent referents in the November 2013 issue of GQ.

The absent referents in the November 2013 issue of GQ. Can you spot them all?

I was flipping through the latest issue of GQ magazine this past weekend and came across the Terry Richardson-shot photo spread of Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is most known for prancing nude around the fully-clothed male stars in the music video for Robin Thicke’s rape-culture anthem, Blurred Lines.  And Terry Richardson is most known for being a sexist photographer. Out of all the photos featured, this one was the most striking to me (in a bad way): A beautiful woman, legs spread, gesturing towards her mouth, and a hamburger (albeit fake) directly under her. What an unfortunate classic! Being seated upon pieces of meat and being treated, as the saying goes, like a piece of meat. The objectification of women, the sexualization of dead flesh. This photo puts it blatantly: both Emily and animals are only here to be consumed.

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