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Today in Speciesism

The New York Times reported that one of Queen Elizabeth’s 200 swans that live on Baths Island was found having been “barbecued and eaten.” In England, is illegal to injure or kill a wild swan.

“The whole breast had been removed, and it looked like it had been eaten for lunch.” There was “just a swan skeleton left,” she said. “It’s absolutely disgusting, I can’t imagine the kind of people that would do this.”  — Wendy Hermon of Swan Lifeline

Unfortunately, I can imagine the kind of people who would do this – carnists. They are the same people who are going to barbecue a chicken (or a turkey, or any other bird) remove the breast, and eat it for lunch. I agree with Ms. Hermon that what happened to the swan is absolutely disgusting. But what I find even more disgusting is that there is special consideration given to swans over the animals used for food: while there is outrage and disgust over a BBQed swan, society thumbs up the torture, mistreatment, killing, and serving of other birds. I hope anyone who is condemning the killing and eating of a swan is not planning on getting some KFC tonight.

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your readership!!!
      I hope to do “Today in Speciesism” articles more frequently, so I’m always trying to keep an eye out for anything in the news that is speciesist. Too bad that it’s even an issue to write about! :/


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